Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Six Feet Under

No one has died, no worries. Six Feet Under is on, I've started watching it again. Mom and I tried to watch it when it first aired on TV (I was kind of a morbid kid). Anyway, we didn't make it very far. Shaw has episodes 27-3o something, so I missed a big chunk of story.

I've been feeling a bit six feet under. Not sick or anything, just down. I don't feel like I'm qualified for any jobs. I didn't take enough specific courses so I'd actually have a strong base to work off of. I've been applying to different jobs, haven't heard back.

I couldn't sleep last night. Started worrying about my car. I need to call my car insurance company to keep my coverage. I need to get a job so I can get my car insured in Canada. I need to get the car imported, and an out of province inspection done. It always comes back to the job...

John is being supportive and not pressuring me. I appreciate it. I appreciate my parents for helping support me during this transition. I appreciate my siblings for their advice and for listening to my concerns.

So here I am. Way up north, but six feet under