Friday, October 2, 2009

The First Days

After crossing the boarder, we still had a few hours of driving left. I was sick and tired of being trapped in the car, so we stopped in High River to look at the apartment. Since there was no furniture there yet, we were going to be spending the night at a hotel in Calgary. John knew the hotel wouldn't let us bring the cat in, and it would be cruel to leave her in the car, so we decided she could stay in the apartment overnight (we were going to be back early the next morning to meet the movers). We dragged up all the kitty junk, and set her up for the night.

Us poor humans got to get back in the car, find something to eat, and then die for the night. We woke up bright and early the next day, a got some bad news AFTER we were dressed for the day. The movers were not going to be at the apartment at the scheduled time. They blamed it on their forklift being broken, but John believes they double booked. The result was a very long day. It didn't help that soon after they got here, it started to rain.

By the time everything was moved in, we were tired. John got to go to work the next day, and I got to start unpacking! After two days, everything had a home, but we are still working on decorating. We spent a day shopping for a mattress for the guest room, picked up a bed frame for our room, got a lamp for the front room and a plant (our second one; first one suffered painful death). Just recently, we started printing and hanging photographs! Most of the stuff in the apartment is John's but that's alright. Shipping my belongings from Kansas to here, would be too expensive, so I'm sneaking it into the country in my luggage, ha ha.


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