Friday, December 7, 2012

Tied the Knot!

It's official.  Johnathan James Cornelius Venner is mine, for keeps!

The wedding was a blast, and perfectly imperfect.  I'm pretty sure if anything ever went smoothly for us, hell would freeze over. 

John and I flew down a few days before the wedding. 
Wednesday, we met the Officiant, checked in with the florist, and picked up our wedding license. 
Thursday were the bachelor/bachelorette parties. 
Friday- Recouperate. 
Saturday- W day.  Pretty much a day of hurry up, and wait. 

It started pretty early, due to stomach problems.  By seven I decided sleep was not gunna happen and was debating what to do.  Thankfully, Jessica heard me moving around and offered to go downstairs with me to get coffee.  We sat outside, and chatted with a man who happened to be there.  His daughter had gotten married recently and we were discussing the cost of weddings.  I think that was the last peaceful part of my day.  We headed back in and met all the girls in the hair salon.  I got eyelash extensions, makeup and hair done.

In an effort to make everyone feel included I invited mom to get ready with me.  The downside of this was how long we had to wait.  Instead of feeling excited, I just felt anxious that I was torturing my bridesmaids and mom.  I did a lot of pacing, walking up and down the hallways and staring out the window.  When our photographer got done with the guys, she came and did the "getting dressed" pictures and a few in the hotel room.  We bailed after that and went down to the lobby to wait for the limo.  Almost ran John and his groomsmen because they were chilling down there too. 

We took a couple pictures in the casino for giggles and then piled into the limo. 

Once we were at the Springs Preserve, we got to wait some more.  Again, more torturing the girls with boredom.

We decided to do pictures before the wedding, in order to avoid some of that downtime between the ceremony and the reception.  The problem with that is, the big reveal is sort of blown, right?  WRONG!  One of my high school friends had this great picture from her wedding where she and her groom were separated by a corner of a building so they couldn't see each other, while holding hands.  Instead of doing that, parting, and having the reveal at the ceremony, we just stepped forward after the picture and had the reveal then.

John was really handsome that day.... and sweaty, haha.  It was Vegas in September, not a big surprise that it was still hot.  We did our group shots and then made our way to the ceremony site.  This is when the fun started.  The wedding planner lined the girls up in a place we hadn't practicedm and they didn't worry about moving me forward off the dirt.  Instead of being fluffed and ready to walk, I had to carry my train until I got to the walkway, and when I did put it down, the bustle came undone... partway.  My maid of honor had to book it back and help me get rigged up again.  Through this, the people sitting in the last few aisles got to watch the comedy act. 

Dad and I made it down the steps fine, but when I looked up at John, the color had drained from his face.  It looked, to me, like he was ready to run for the hills.  Despite that, and the sun blinding us, we made it through the ceremony (all five minutes of it- dad timed us).  When we had made our exit and hugged John's dad, he explained the awesome reaction he had.  As I turned and looked up, he realized we forgot our wedding license back in our hotel room...

From there, I found out I didn't have a garter to toss, thanks to some very inconvenient misunderstandings. But all hope was not lost.  After dinner, Amanda, John's younger sister, drove back to The Flamingo with the wedding planner and got both our license and... something for me to toss.  The lady at the adult store told Amanda it was a box of 2 garters, but it was actually 2 thongs....  It wasn't a garter, but it was pretty funny anyway.

So, that's it!  We partied until they kicked us out.  We've been married just over two months, and it's been great.  Quite similar to before we got married, but now I get to call him hubby.  The honeymoon was wonderful, which did not make it any easier to come home to "life as usual" and snow.  We met a couple down there which made it even more fun.  I don't suggest laying by the pool, drinking, and skipping lunch.  Bad decisions get made. 

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